POR 1197_Mport 9C - Type C Multiport USB Hub, Silver

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POR 1197
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Product Overview

Multiport adapter for USB-C devices

  • 9 Ports in One With 9 different output ports, the Mport 9C is designed to become your perfect travel partner-just place it in your pocket or in your bag even while you’re on the go, and connect as many devices as you want.

  • Lightning fast With this one device, connect multiple devices to your laptop, tablet, or phone. No need for tangled wires and hassles, just grab your MPort 9C and you’re all set. Equipped with Power Drive fast-charging, so you use your devices even while you charge them!

  • Durable Metal Body The USB Hub’s durable, resilient metal body is designed to protect your devices- plug in multiple devices- tension-free, and interference-free.

  • Multifunctional Plug in your laptop, charger, insert SD Card, connect to keyboard/mouse/pendrive, Monitors or televisions, or run faster and more durable internet- the Mport 9C is so versatile, this will be the only device you will use for all your needs.

  • Universal Compatibility The USB Hub is suitable and appropriate for use with an array of operating systems, like Windows, Chrome OS, iOS, and Android 7.0 and above.. Also equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet Port for faster internet speed.

  • 12 Months' Warranty
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1 year Manufacturer Warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review