iKonnect One

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POR 1270
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Product Overview

2-in-1 8Pin to AUX & 8Pin Connector

No AUX? No problem. Compatible with all 3.5mm iPhone Aux ports! Connect your audio devices& also charge your phone via dual USB ports. Add this accessory to your iPhones, today!

Value for Two! Charge your iPhone and listen to music via headphones, at the same time!

Aluminum shell The sturdy, yet bendable outer shell, made of Aluminum is designed to protect the wire from breakage and bending.

Fast charger Not only charges but takes care of speed, too. Enjoy relentless fast charging for your iPhone with this innovative Portronics accessory

12cm wire No pulling, no tugging! Durable, non-prone to breakage cable.

HD Sound quality Ensure no compromise on your sound when you tune into your music, with High-fidelity audio quality at your fingertips.

Model:                                   iKonnect-One

Product Code:                         POR 1270

Color:                                     Black

Material:                                 Aluminum Steel

Cable Length:                         12cm

Charge :                                 Fast Charger

Sound :                                  HD Sound Quality


(No reviews yet) Write a Review