Ruffpad 15

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Product Overview

Re-Writable LCD Writing Pad with Content Safety Button

  • Let the creative juices flow. Draw, write reminders, learn, practice, or simply doodle- the Ruffpad 15 is here to provide the best electronic writing experience. Save yourself from the hassle of finding paper for your tiny notes by keeping the Ruffpad 15 handy at all times.
  • Extra-large, Extra-Durable Let your art flow larger than life! The Ruffpad 15 is an extra comfortable 15-inch LCD writing pad, so you and your writing, both can get an upgrade. Although bigger and better, it is easy to store anywhere, and its lightweight and compact design allows you to carry your art wherever you go. Comes with magnetic strips on the backside and sticks to any metal base.
  • Smart Lock System With a single tap, switch on the in-built lock to guard your messages, drawings, or notes against being accidentally erased. No accidental erasing of content with this built-in lock button- safety at the tap of a button.
  • Saves paper! We care about the environment, and so should you! The rewritable Ruffpad 15 allows up to 100,000 over-writes, reducing the need for paper. Eco-friendly & free of harmful chemicals it comes with a rounded edge Stylus for extra safety.
  • Erase with a single tap. A single tap on the ‘Clear’ button conveniently erases the content on the LCD Writing Pad, instantly. Keep that trash empty, and your content safe. Also protects your vision by being radiation-free, has no glowing colors or glares, and is fit for long hours- extra safe for your kids too!
  • Write and erase, as you please. With over 20,000 erase cycles available, the Ruffpad also has energetic, long-lasting battery life. Its Shock-resistant, high-grade plastic body and 3V button battery make it the best gadget for all your writing and drawing needs.
  • 12-months Warranty
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6 Months Manufacturer Warranty


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